Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Find/Replace nul objects in Notepad++

I was requested to create a list of customers we have in one of our management systems. Unfortunately, this particular system does not export a readable list directly. After backing up the section that contained the customers, I opened it in Notepad ++ to see what I could do with it.

Funny characters were all over the place. By default, the app won't find/replace nuls by highlighting the character/s. You have to use a regular expression to make it work.

Select Replace (Ctrl/H)
Find what: \x00
Replace with:
Click on radio button Regular expression
Click on Replace All

This was from the Notepad++ list archive here. I don't know who the actual author of that email is, but thanks for the help.


Jason said...

Great, this helped, thanks!

fp said...

great! tks!

Philipp L said...

Thank you!

Sergio Carvalho said...

It's very good to correct txt files saved with Foxit Reader from pdf files.

Vick Victory said...

Thanks. This really helped

sixline said...

Also thanks. This helped me, too.

raghukanth said...

Thanks man how to find all these types of regular expressions?

Osama Walker said...

Perfect. Thanks!